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Greg Lamarche | SP One

I’ve admired the work of  Greg Lamarche since he was more widely known as (graffiti legend) SP One. Since then, he has made a very successful progression from graffiti, to a collage style he has perfected, consisting of a collection of diverse letterforms, typically in a bold palette, making them all work in harmony and creating a nice sense of depth. Much respect to his legacy and his current trail of beautiful work. I really need one of these New Hustle prints for my house:



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Adorn | Eric Elms

One of the leading visual voices in the “Street Culture” world, Eric Elms updates his personal site Adorn with a crazy amount of amazing work, for a client roster that most would envy. I was fortunate enough to see some of his work in person at the Source Material group show at 222 Gallery in Philly back in ’07. Good stuff.



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Nubby Twiglet

I’ve been a fan of Nubby Twiglet for a while. Her blog, her work, her style – all really impressive. With features like: Link Love, The Week in Pictures, Fashion/Decor Notebooks, Ask Nubby, and What I Wore, she always keeps it fresh.

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COÖP is a collective of creatives dedicated to the practise of visual communications.



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Ryan Johnson just let me know about a new “elegant font manager for OSX” called Fontcase. By the looks of the interactive screenshot, it seems promising. Preview, tag, compare, rate and share all of your installed and non-installed fonts. I just downloaded the beta, but haven’t had a chance to poke around yet, funny though, just last week I was having a conversation with my friend Jerrod from T2AP about the need for someone to finally figure out font management. Could this be it? I currently use Linotype’s FontExplorer X and  it works pretty well for the most part, more than I can say about Suitcase or Fontbook…


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Keeps Me Sane | Darren Firth

My friend Darren just updated his personal site. It’s hard to keep up with this guy, he’s always into something amazing. From  WIWP to Two Faced, to his studio, blog, tons of great print work, or building clean online experiences, he’s always producing incredible work. He’s been an inspiration to me, and is so good it actually makes me insane.

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Thinking for a Living™

Thinking for a Living™ is an ever-growing platform dedicated to the concept of open source design education.

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Guide to Designing for Web

Mark Boulton, has put together a new book, “A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web.”
Available to download in PDF format on February 2nd 2009 for around $20 from Five Simple Steps.
You can download a 5 page preview here.

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Gridr Buildrrr

It is what it is, a great little tool for building grid systems.

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HEYDAYS is an Oslo-based multidisciplinary design studio specialized in printed media, creative direction and graphic design. Their focus is on corporate identities, interactive websites, magazines, books and packaging.

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