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Steve Carty | Photographer

Steve Carty has been in the game for as long as I can remember. We occasionally cross paths through design portals, etc – and I’ve always been a strong supporter. He just dropped a fresh new site including lots of new work and goodies including video, recent tv segments and info on the workshops he runs.



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Elms Lesters Painting Rooms | The Book

Gavin over at CR Blog just did a nice review/interview of designer Iain Cadby’s incredible book designs, including his latest: The Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. -Limited to just 1,000 copies, it’s a lavish affair: it comes packaged in a white, individually numbered screen­printed box. Removal of the dustjacket reveals an irrides­cent hardback cover, blind embossed, with iconography pertaining to the gallery and its artists. Within the book, the chronological cataloguing of various events is split into sections by smaller pages which serve to make the chapter divisions more evident. Interviews with the various artists also sit on smaller pages within the book, employing different stocks and coloured inks.- Iain has also designed books for the likes of Ron English, José Parla, DELTA, WK Interact, and more. Thanks to Jerrod for the heads up.



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Netdiver | BOTY 08

Carole and the crew over at Netdiver Magazine present Best of the Year 2008.
A great collection of projects and/or talent that made a strong and lasting impression in 2008.


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A Brief Message

A Brief Message features design opinions expressed in short form.
Somewhere between critiques and manifestos, between wordy and skimpy, Brief Messages are viewpoints on design in the real world. They’re pithy, provocative and short — 200 words or less. Brought to you by Khoi Vinh Design Director of NYTimes.com


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The Vignelli Canon

I know I’m late on posting this, but for those that missed The Vignelli Canon initially, you can now check it out on Issuu.


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Better Typography | Mark Boulton

Better Typography by Mark Boulton is available on Issuu.
A quick read covering the basics of  Structure, Process, Macro & Micro Typography.


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E&A – The Glossy Zine.
A bi-annual publication founded in 2004 out of Brooklyn, focusing on fashion, pop & art. 1000 beautiful issues in oversized newsprint format. Lovely.




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Art & Copy

Directed by Doug Pray (HYPE! SCRATCH), Art & Copy captures the creative energy and passion behind the iconic campaigns that have had a profound impact on American culture. ART & COPY reveals the stories behind and the personal odysseys of some of the most influential advertising visionaries of our time and their campaigns, including Lee Clow (Apple Computer 1984, and today’s iPod); Dan Wieden (“Just Do It”); Phyllis K. Robinson (who invented the “me generation” with Clairol); Hal Riney (who helped President Reagan get re-elected); and George Lois (who saved MTV and launched Tommy Hilfiger overnight).


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Really Interesting Group

Really interesting project from Really Interesting Group called Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet 2008. They’ve collected some things from the internet they thought would work well on paper and made it into a newspaper (things from Flickr, Twitter, blogs, etc..). Best part is, you can have a copy for free. Yep, free. Just fill out the form on the homepage. More images on Flickr.




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Feltron & Megafone | Nicholas Felton

Update: Feltron 2008 is here.

Originally posted 12.07.08: I’ve admired this guy’s work for a long time. The way he handles information graphics, systems, and patterns is beautiful. Since 2005 he has developed a personal “Annual Report” that is always stunning… I wish I had printed copies of each, but as expected they’re sold out. I’m hoping he has one in the works for 2008. Check out more of his work here: Feltron Eight, here: Megafone, and his new project DAYTUM featured in the previous post.


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