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{ n o n } T Y P E

Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic is a designer, typographer, and creative director of The KDU. 
Not to mention an all around solid dude. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with Lex on some really great projects, ranging from his stint as creative director of URB magazine, to his creative direction of The Royal Magazine and extension of limited edition print pieces, and also showed along side him in a group exhibit in Chelsea. Lex is always doing some of the freshest work out there while remaining modest, true, and forward thinking. 


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Alexandre Farto | Vhils

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is blowing my mind right now with his latest work: Scratching the Surface.
(via: 30gsm) 



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Project Notebook

I have an addiction to notebooks, stationery, pens, etc. And although I’m extremely loyal to my Moleskines I had to pick up this notebook from the MoMA store in New York a while back.
Simple & clean. 

Buy online. (Currently not available)


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WK Interact Goes BIG

I love the work of WK Interact, it’s even more impressive large scale.
Check out this huge piece he recently finished in Ancona, Italy.

via: Wooster Collective.



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Manifiesto Futura

Clean work from Manifiesto Futura.



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Creative Grab Bag

Where can you find work from Ellen LuptonDebbie MillmanCarole GuevinFrank Chimero,
BBDKXavier EncinasRyan KatrinaMike McQuadeMichael PerryNessim Higson,
Sean SutherlandEdvard ScottMichael GilletteBen FrostJeremyville, and many others all in
the same place?

Creative Grab Bag is a collection of work from artists, illustrators and designers from around the world. Author Ethan Bodnar created over 30 unique tasks and gave each contributor a task that was different from their typical work. The book contains images of each artist’s creative task, typical work, and a biography and short reflection on the creative process. Together, they capture the spirit of exploration and innovation and challenge readers to break out of their usual work. The book includes both well-known and up-and-coming creatives. 101 contributors in total.

Available now through Amazon.


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Multidisciplinary design studio WeAreNotYou launches a new portfolio with some really great work.
via Sean Hartman


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The Luxury of Protest

The Luxury of Protest is the design practice of Peter Crnokrak.
A primary focus of Peter’s work is data visualisation, with a particular interest in the intersection of visual communication and data analysis.


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Studio Round

Solid work from Melbourne design company Studio Round, whose approach encompasses identity, print, web, art direction & the built environment.
via @epicallyharshed



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Hoping for Sunshine Preparing for Rain

Hoping for Sunshine Preparing for Rain is the portfolio of Northumbria University student
Andrew Lister. Impressive overall, but even more-so considering it’s only his second year of schooling.


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