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Just a quick heads up that I launched the Neuarmy surplus store: Neusprint®.
Currently stocked are some of the last few pieces of limited edition prints from that past few years or so, and I’ll be updating the shop with new work as it’s produced, including tees. I’m also considering the idea of creating woodtype pieces in the same vein as ‘Tomorrow Ain’t Promised Today” but with custom phrases – if that’s something you’d like to discuss, hit me up and we’ll figure it out.


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Three Potato Four

Three Potato Four is one of those gems that you want to keep to yourself, but have to share because it’s so great. I love found things, old type & signage, furniture, etc. and their collection is just ridiculous.
So much good stuff, I want it all! You can also check out the collecting duo - Janet Morales & Stu Eli – and their love of collections on their blog, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.



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Abi Huynh

Stellar work from Abi Huynh, a graphic designer & typographer originally from Lethbridge, Alberta.
Currently living & working in Vancouver.


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Subsist | Michael Kosmicki

Subsist is the creative output for aspiring graphic designer & art director Michael Kosmicki. Michael is currently a graphic design student at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and recently completed a 6 month placement at TANKFORM.


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