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Graphic Design: A User’s Manual

Adrian Shaughnessy is a London based graphic designer and art director who spent 15 years as the Creative Director of Intro. He now spends his time focused on design and editorial direction, and writing extensively about visual communication, including (among others) Look At This as well as How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul which, in itself, has established Shaughnessy as a leading voice within the design community.

I have several of Shaughnessy’s books and just picked up his latest, Graphic Design: A User’s Manual which offers students, novice designers, and battle-toughened professionals alike an insider’s guide to the complexities of current graphic design practice and thinking. Set out in A-Z style and written in a realistic, conversational, and insightful way, the book provides advice on the fundamental topics and issues that face designers in their daily lives. It looks at everything from kerning to presenting, from budgeting to dealing with rejection, from annual reports to interface design. Not to mention a forward by Michael Bierut.

Check out Fast Company’s recent Q&A with Adrian about his newest book, and be sure to grab a copy. I highly recommend it.


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The Emperor of Antarctica

The Emperor of Antarctica is a showing of work made by graphic designer, art director and artist Christian Zander. Colorful, playful work from Denmark.
(via: Josh Boston)


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Superheroes | Ian Coyle

The name Super hero is very fitting for Ian Coyle. He’s not only creative strategically – his eye for design, photography, typography, and interaction is dead on as well.
His work is so diverse, it’s really inspiring.



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Organic Grid | Michael McDonald

Fellow Philly creative, Michael McDonald of Organic Grid, just dropped me this slick Helvetica Neue/85/Heavy tee printed on American Apparel (Sustainable Edition). I’ve been familiar with Michael’s digital work for a few years now, super-clean and smart. Good to see him doing some apparel, although these aren’t in full production at the moment.


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ESPO | A Love Letter For You

A Love Letter For You is an unprecedented public art project by Steve Powers (ESPO) and The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program here in Philly. Love Letter is literally a love letter painted on the walls facing the Market/Frankfort El and will encompass 50 painted walls between 63rd and 45th street on Market Street. I have the privilege of seeing this work everyday on my commute to and from work, and in my opinion this is one of the coolest things to happen in Philly. It goes without saying that ESPOs work is ridiculous, but this collaboration goes a step further by opening a sign school and shop that will provide training for area youth and free signage for businesses. A full community takeover. Must feel good considering this is where he grew up.


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Along with print and apparel, design shop Workerman produces some really beautiful handcrafted wooden handlebars out of select hardwoods. Form over function, these bars aren’t intended for actually riding, although, they look so good I might take my chances.
via Lifter Baron



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