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Elysse Ricci

I was stoked today to discover the work of another great Philadelphia-based designer, Elysse Ricci. You may be familiar with Elysse’s work for Urban Outfitters, where she’s currently an in-house designer. I love her use of color and type, often combined with a subtle mix of elements made by hand, which gives her work a great personal quality.

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Mike McQuade | MCQ

One of my main cohorts, Mike McQuade, just launched his new site and it’s loaded with a grip of incredible new work. Originally from Philadelphia and currently working as an art director at Energy BBDO in Chicago, Mike considers himself an artist, designer, and illustrator. I’ve always admired his drawing skills and hand-lettering, and it’s great to see these talents crossing over into his advertising work for big brands. Mike and I formed National Record Holders a few years ago, and although we haven’t done much with it lately, we are currently working together on a poster for The Infantree’s Help Haiti Heal poster project, as well as plotting our next move with NRH. Stay tuned.

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Michael Freimuth

Some people just have it. New York City based art director, designer and illustrator Michael Freimuth is one of those people. His work seems effortless, his range is endless, and every approach he takes has a very considered purpose. Currently working at Tender in Manhattan, Freimuth is also the creative director for Proximity Magazine and design journal Matériel.

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Duplicate of a Duplicate

LiftedLabBlack Sheep and Culture Initiative present Duplicate of a Duplicate: A Curated Group Show put together by Infamous JeanClaude. Featuring new work from: 123KlanAdam GarciaLifter BaronMr PenfoldBlack MarmaladeMatt CipovNeuarmyBig FootJon ContinoDave FranzeseInfamous JeanClaude, Sean Fahie, Joel Andrew Tracey & Shiho Hoshino
Opening reception is tomorrow — Friday, January 15, 2010 from 7 – 10 pm.
The show will run until February 15th.

Jump to Neuarmy to check out the prints I did for the show.

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Tim Gough

Tim Gough is a Philadelphia based illustrator, designer, and publisher of a limited edition zine called Cut and Paste. He’s also Art Director for the Philadelphia Weekly. Tim was recently interviewed at the always inspiring Grain Edit, which uncovers Tim’s creative process, talks about his history, and offers some great advice for up and coming illustrators. He also just revamped his site with the help of interactive design studio, WellFed, also based in Philadelphia.

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