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The New Typography | MoMA

I had the chance to check out The New Typography at MoMA, NY last weekend, and while I was slightly disappointed with the breadth of work shown, it was still impressive to see these pieces in-person. Viewing works online, or in books is no substitute for the first-hand experience of scale, texture, paper, ink, and history that you absorb when you interact with something tangible.

The New Typography as described by MoMA:
“In the 1920s and 1930s, the so-called New Typography movement brought graphics and information design to the forefront of the artistic avant-garde in Central Europe. Rejecting traditional arrangement of type in symmetrical columns, modernist designers organized the printed page or poster as a blank field in which blocks of type and illustration (frequently photomontage) could be arranged in harmonious, strikingly asymmetrical compositions. Taking his lead from currents in Soviet Russia and at the Weimar Bauhaus, the designer Jan Tschichold codified the movement with accessible guidelines in his landmark book Die Neue Typographie. (1928).” (link via Oliver Tomas)

Here is a quick video walk-through I was able to grab while I was there:

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Studio Output™

I’ve been a fan of Studio Output‘s work for a while now and really dig their new site. Lovely work aside, I think this site is completely appropriate, and also a perfect example of a dynamic, interactive experience that isn’t built with flash. Once you become oriented and familiar with how the site functions, you realize just how flexible it is. There are several ways to sort the work, whether it’s a modular or draggable grid layout, category or list. Nicely done.

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New Bohemia Signs

New Bohemia Signs consists of designers and sign writers who appreciate the art of a good looking hand-painted signs. They also create hand-painted windowsgold on glass, and more. Dig through their portfolio and check out their flickr set too.

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Studio von Birken

I’m admittedly late on this one, but I’m digging the new Studio von Birken with it’s big, glossary-style, type-only navigation. Looking through the work can be a bit jumpy though and overall they seem to be lacking project information or insight into their creative process. Regardless, their work is incredible and always inspiring —  including the on-going E&A The Glossy Zine.

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Ikhoor | Daniel Kent

Nice mix of work from Lancaster-based designer/artist Daniel Kent.
I’m into these hand-painted typographic pieces, as well as his letterpress work for the Lancaster.

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