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Caleb Owen Everitt

Caleb Owen Everitt has an eye for design and art direction that’s really inspiring. I remember swooning over his identity & packaging work for The Chop Shop when I first came across on Ptarmak. His sensibility is evident throughout his work, and while some follows trend (which maybe he starts?), it does so in a way that makes it feel fresh and authentic. Almost effortless.

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Loving the site and work of Sydney-based Toko.
They’re experts at developing contemporary, cohesive design solutions and applying them in playful, yet minimal ways. Quality all around.

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FontCast #12 | Damon Styer

Here’s a great video about hand-painted signs by FontShop featuring Damon Styer of New Bohemia Signs who was featured here back in April.

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Manual is a graphic design and branding consultancy based in San Francisco, specializing in branding and corporate identity; art direction; packaging; printed matter; web; illustration;
signage and exhibitions.

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