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Little White Lies | A Magazine is Born

A great time-lapse video exposing the process of making Little White Lies magazine.
(via Selectism)

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House Industries

Really great video showcasing a stunning breadth of work coming out of House Industries.

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Curtis Jinkins

Curtis Jinkins is a graduate of the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, currently freelancing in Austin, Texas. I initially discovered his work through FFFFound, and then Dribbble where he’s consistently posting great work with a solid overall aesthetic. You can sense his understanding of type and illustration, and see it applied to everything from gig posters to identity.

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Gerren Lamson

Gerren Lamson is a designer, illustrator, drawer printmaker currently working for Springbox out of Texas. I’m loving the overall aesthetic of Gerren’s site which showcases work from high-profile brands like LIVESTRONG and LG to local projects for Visual Art Center, as well as some great personal illustration work.

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Andy Baron

Andy Baron is a San Francisco-based designer who spent several years with Landor Associates before teaming up with Tomorrow Partners. I love his recent redesign of the Miller High Life packaging, and overall he’s got some solid work, and smart ideas like his proposed identity for the San Diego Zoo, based on their catchy tagline, Wild at Heart.

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The Sartorialist | A Visual Life.

An inspiring piece about Scott Schuman’s Sartorialist. Leading a visual life, doing what you love, and “letting yourself fall in love a little bit everyday.”

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